Homeland Security Agent Rick Alders lives a relatively peaceful life in his home town of Helena, Montana. His idyllic existence is shattered when a top-secret government black ops project known only as The Horde, is activated during the presentation of a breakthrough technology that would bridge the gap between our reality and the unknown of cyberspace. As Agent Alders plunges deeper into a nightmare he never could have imagined, he finds himself pitted against a malevolent intelligence with a single purpose – the annihilation of the human race.

High Praise for Antivirus!


“Michael Koogler brings AI to terrifying, vivid life in Antivirus. Definitely one of the best horror books of 2015!” - Rachel Aukes, bestselling author of 100 Days in Deadland


“A true thriller at heart, Antivirus is gripping and delightfully creepy.  Koogler spins a haunting tale about the meeting point of technology and the human mind!” - Aaron Bunce, author of Within


“A cyber thriller that takes our growing distrust of secret government agencies and technology in general to horrifying limits. I will never look at a USB port the same way ever again.” - Dennis Green, author of Traveler

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