The first seal has been broken…


…and the last days of this world have begun.


As the righteous look to the fulfillment of holy scripture and good finally triumphing over evil, others have emerged hoping for a much different end. A sinister plot, hatched thousands of years before the birth of Christ, has been waiting in secret for just this very moment. The plan? Hijack the apocalypse, dethrone God, and take control of this world and all the souls living on it. The leader? Hade, a seven-foot tall monster of a man, dressed in black and covered in ancient tattoos. He has used everything in his power, including experimental biotechnology, the manipulation of the geopolitical landscape, and his knowledge of long lost prophecy, to help him take over the world and run it as his own.


Standing in his way is a disparate and woefully unprepared group, including a young medical student, the son of a Russian mafia leader, a struggling priest, and a dreamer who may be the key to everything. As the world falls apart and those who would stand for truth and light fall by the wayside, these four heroes will have choice after awful choice placed before them. And when Hade finally unleashes his undead on the world, there is nowhere left to hide. He will have his king, and he will have this world.

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Kreative Storm Press

© 2015 by Michael Koogler, Jed Quinn, & Jaren Riley