Never Fear contains 11 tales of horror by 10 masters of suspense, including 'The Barrens,' 'The Girl Next Door,' 'Control+Alt+Delete,' 'The Agent,' 'Taps,' 'Forward Base Fourteen,' 'Funeral March of a Marionette,' 'Gris Gris,' 'Where Billy Monasco Lay,' 'Alabaster Nights,' & 'Snapped!'


'The Agent' is a classic  tale of horror in the vein of Stephen King. ~ "What would you give to have it all? What would you offer up for fame and fortune? Would you give up your very soul? Would you give up even more? Andre Rossell is an aspiring horror writer with a problem. He hasn't published anything. His life is a waste. He's going nowhere. Until his agent calls."

Released April 2015

13Thirty Books LLP

'The Agent' © 2015 by Michael Koogler

Never Fear