Look Ma! I have a blog, too!

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Believe it or not, this has been the most daunting aspect of all in this website creation nonsense…er, process. Oh no! I have to write occasional blurbs of interesting factoids, attention-grabbing fandom, and the occasional snarky sarcastic quip aimed at whatever deserving topic is relevant at that time. And this fear from me, a writer!?! I mean, I am an author. And I majored in sarcasm at college! Why on earth is this such an intimidating task? First a website?! Now a blog?!

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Maybe I worry that I won’t be funny or engaging enough? Beauty/Humor (humorous beauty?) is in the eye of the beholder, I guess, so I can’t be too caught up in this. Or perhaps it’s the whole idea of having to write a blog? I mean, if I start it, I have to continue it, right? Or maybe it’s the biggest fear of all…will anyone ever read it? I honestly don’t know the answer to that last question. I mean, I read the occasional blog myself, but I wouldn’t count myself as a blog connoisseur.

By the way, I had to look up how to spell connoisseur. Even spell check couldn’t figure out what I was trying to write. Hey, I can admit my shortcomings. Can you make an elephant lamp where you pull the trunk and it turns on? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So, here I am, blogging away. I shan’t be doing this on a daily basis, though, so don’t get your hopes up. Actually, my whole purpose of this particular meandering of thought is simply to let you know, if you are so inclined to read it, that I am doing it and will continue to do it. But this isn’t going to be like putting life on hold to sit down at a specific time each week to watch Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. I will occasionally wax word-like for whatever random topics flutter through my head at the moment I realize that “hey, it’s been 18 months; I should get a new blog post out.” I may blog about relevant topics like writing, publishing, cover artwork, genres, the difference between then and than (luv ya like a brudder, Jed Quinn!) or even non-relevant random topics such as sports, movies, television shows, other books, other authors, life in general, etc.

I will NOT blog about politics, though. That topic is verboten for a myriad of obvious reasons. ‘Nuff said.

In other words, I suppose I’ll blog on just about anything that trips my trigger.

Except politics…in case you’re a blog skimmer and you missed it the first time.

But anything else is probably acceptable. Heck, I’ll even take topic suggestions from my awe-inspiring legions of fans… Right mom? Mom? Uh, hello? Sometimes I’ll try to be funny, sometimes informative, sometimes I may even try to be inspiring. I can do that at times. Really.

All in all, though, my blog is just that…a place where I can simply write more than what is happening between the covers of my latest novel. Some people may read it and that’s awesome. Maybe you’ll laugh (or cry) or maybe you’ll just say “meh, another blog.” But at least you know that it will be here for that time when you’re stuck at the dinner table with 11 political science majors during election season and you’re contemplating whether Miss Manners would consider it appropriate to use your salad fork to kill them all. Instead, you can think to yourself “Hey, I can go read that guy’s blog where he never talks about politics!” And peace and contentment while once again reign within you.

See, I do community service, too. I’m all kinds of awesome like that.

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